Enrolment 2024


ENROLMENT REQUIREMENTS: Admission form duly completed, Birth Certificate and Clinic Card. PAYMENT REQUIRED UPON ENROLMENT: Registration fee, Entertainment fee and one Month School fees.

1. REGISTRATION FEE: R 500.00 this is a non-refundable, per pupil fee.

2. ENTERTAINMENT FEE: R 300.00 this is a compulsory, once off payment, payable at the beginning of the year, to cover the cost of educational shows, this will save the trouble of asking parents for R 20 or R 30 each time we want to entertain the children.

3.TUITION FEE : The cost of school is per year, but for ease of payment is divided over a period of 11 (eleven) months, from January to October. Irrespective of school holidays, whether the child does not attend school due to illness or any other reason, school fees are still payable at the beginning of every month.

HALF DAY FEE:R1500.00 Per Month X 111 CHILD
R2800.00 Per Month X 112 CHILDREN
FULL DAY FEE:R1700.00 Per Month X 111 CHILD
R3200.00 Per Month X 112 CHILDREN

SCHOOL FEES ARE PAYABLE UP-FRONT within the 5 (five) days of the beginning of the month and over a period of 11(eleven) months from January to November. NO FEE FOR DECEMBER. SCHOOL FEES ARE PAYABLE REGARDLESS THE CHILD IS AT SCHOOL, SICK OR ON HOLIDAY. Due to the high cost in bank Charges, NO BANK CASH AND/OR AUTOBANK CASH DEPOSITS will be accepted, ONLY EFT are accepted and any payment in cash is to be made directly at the school.

NOTICE PERIOD: ONE MONTH WRITTEN NOTICE is required for the withdrawal of a child from school. If notice is not given, one month fee in lieu of notice will be charged. Should the child be absent for any portion of the month, full payment is still due.

4. ABSENCE: If the child is unable to attend school, please notify the staff. If the child is absent for more than 10 consecutive days without notification, the vacancy will be given to another child

5. SCHOOL TERMS: We have 4 terms a year as determined by Government School Calendar excluding Immaculate Conception of the BVM-8 December. This one day is a NO SCHOOL day. The school closes on every Public Holiday that falls on a weekday during the terms as well as in between terms. School is run by The Little Servants of Mary Immaculate as a missionary outreach. The School upholds catholic/religious ethos.

Term 1Open17 JanuaryClose20 March
Term 2Open3 AprilClose14 June
Term 3Open9 JulyClose20 September
Term 4Open1 OctoberClose11 December

6. SCHOOL HOURS: Children may be dropped off as from 07h00 to 08h00.
Half day children must be collected between 12h30 and 13h00.
Full day children must be collected between 16h30 and 17h00.

Should your child stay at school after the above times, you will be required to pay R 50.00 for every extra half hour, (e.g. 13h01 to 13h30 R 50, 17h01 to 17h30 R 50) and so every extra half hour. This must be paid directly to the person on duty.

The parent’s responsibility is to inform the school if another person is coming to pick up the child. NO CHILD WILL BE RELEASED FROM SCHOOL to unknown persons.

7. GATE HOURS: Due to security reasons the gate will be closed at any other time besides the below mentioned:


8. STATIONARY REQUIREMENTS: At the beginning of the year, each child must bring the following:

  • 1 x large stick of ” Pritt Glue” (Grade R children 2 x)
  • 1 x packet of “Monami Retractable Wax Crayons 12”
  • 1 x ream of “Typek Paper” (500 sheets)
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Grade R children 1 Flip File (50 filing pockets A4)

9. TOILETRIES: DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF EACH TERM (January/ April/ July/ October), each child must bring the following items:

  • 1 box of 200 tissues
  • 4 toilet paper rolls
  • 1 bar or liquid soap
  • 2 rolls of paper towels

ALL TODDLERS (Yellow Group) in addition to the above items must also bring a packet of “WET WIPES”, and for the ones still wearing nappies a change of “Pampers” on a daily basis.

10. FOOD: Every day, please give your child a nutritious food in her/his lunch box. The lunch box and the drinking bottle must be marked with the child’s name and surname.
11. HEALTH: Children showing any symptoms of flu, cold, fewer or any other condition must be kept at home.
12. COOKIE DAY: Every Friday is ” COOKIE DAY”. Once in every term each child in the group has a turn to bring cookies from the whole class. The parent of the cookie boy/girl will be given a written notice on the Monday or Tuesday of that week.
13. BIRTHDAYS: A party may be held in the class upon prior arragement with the class teacher.
14. CLOTHES: Kindly dress your child in comfortable cloths according to weather condition. Do not dress your child in tight clothes e.g. waist bells which might not be easy for the child to undress herself/himself when going to the toilet. All clothes must be marked. We are not responsible for any lost items not clearly marked. An extra set of clothes has to be placed in child’s bag in case of a need to change.
15. WHATSAPP GROUP: Class teachers create a WhatsApp group in order to communicate effectively. Parents need to provide their WhatsApp number if they wish to be included in the group.
16. SERVICE PROVIDERS: School allows service providers to conduct extracurricular activities suitable for children. THEY ARE NOT COMPULSORY. The arrangement regarding registration and payments for these classes must be made by parents with service provides if they wish to enrol their children for the activities.
17. RE-REGISTRATION: Every child has to be re-registered for the following year. The re-registration form needs to be filled and submitted to the class teacher.

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